Child Protection Policy

Policy Statement

RCCG Garden of The Lord is committed to ensuring that its workers reflect a mix of talents, skills and potential.  In line with Best Practice concerning selection of those undertaking roles working with the young and/or vulnerable individuals; Criminal records and other information will be taken in to account but will not necessarily prevent your appointment or continuation in these roles.  This will depend on the circumstances and background to your offence.

The following principles guide the selection/appointment of those working in posts requiring clearance by the Criminal Records Bureau.


  • Checking criminal records etc is to protect vulnerable people or other high risk situations to the Church; not to discriminate against people with the criminal record.
  • Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar applicants from selection of or appointment to roles with the Church.
  • The Church is able to ask applicants to provide information about both spent and/or unspent criminal convictions according to the nature of the post applied for.  Police warnings, reprimands, cautions and other non-conviction information may also be included.
  • The level of Disclosure check required (if any) will be proportionate and relevant to the position concerned.  It is the responsibility of the Senior Pastor to decide which roles require Disclosure and the appropriate level.
  • For roles requiring Disclosure, all application forms, advertisements and recruitment documents will contain a statement that a Disclosure will be requested if an applicant is to be offered a role.
  • The successful appointee will be asked to apply for formal Disclosure.  The Administration section will phone the CRB’s Disclosure Service and request an application form for Disclosure.  This will be sent to your home address for you to complete and return to a designated officer at the Church, who will arrange for it to be counter signed and forwarded to the CRB.  The original of the Disclosure will be sent to you with a copy to the Church.  You will be required to bring proof of your identity before this is sent to the CRB.
  • Those involved in the recruitment process will be suitably advised or trained to identify and assess criminal records etc.  Registered lead counter signatories and counter signatories will also be able to provide advice on these and the treatment of ex-offenders.
  • Selection panels will ask about and record any criminal record in a sensitive manner, and may also ask about other matters that may be relevant to the position.  Failure to reveal full information could lead to withdrawal of an appointment or withdrawal of the appointment if an individual is already in post, and the CRB may be notified of the application.
  • Every case will be treated individually and a decision will be made depending on the duties of the role and the nature of the individual criminal or other record.